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Video Tours of the Cranbrook Campus

Video Tour: 11AM - Winter Day Cranbrook Academy of Art

The Cranbrook grounds are typified by extremes of beauty. The pastoral green of summer invariably gives way to winter days punctuated by snow. In this video, experience a random winter day from 11:00 to 11:05 am.

View the high-definition version of Winter Day here, (requires Quicktime)...


Video tour of Academy Way

Cranbrook Academy of Art is based upon a unique structure. Designed in1928 by Eliel Saarinen and organized around the utopian concept of a working artist village, Academy Way lies at the heart of the institution. The academy is comprised of ten Artists-in-Residence and one-hundred and fifty graduate students. In this brief video tour, the graduate studios and the dormitories lie on the right while the Artist-in-Residence homes are on the left. Each department is organized around a central courtyard. The vast majority of students who attend Cranbrook live at the Academy. The dormitories are on the second floor, above the graduate studios. This tour ends at the Jonah Fountain which lies directly above Lake Jonah.

Video tour of Cranbrook House

Designed by Albert Kahn, Cranbrook House is the original residence of George Gough Booth, a Detroit newspaper baron and philanthropist. In 1904, George Gough and Ellen Scripps Booth bought the property that would become Cranbrook, and spent their first years at Cranbrook landscaping the property and constructing their family home. Today Cranbrook House serves as the administrative offices for the Cranbrook Educational Community. This tour begins in front of the main residence and ends in one of the many formal gardens.


Video tour of Cranbrook Garden

Originally designed by George Booth, the 40 acres of gardens that surround Cranbrook House serve as a serene backdrop and counter point to the frenetic energy of the Art Academy. Sculpture, fountains, and architectural fragments enhance the setting with spacious lawns, specimen trees, and a lake stretching out beyond the fieldstone walls. This tour begins in one of the many formal gardens that surround Cranbrook House and ends on the Ramp of the Chinese Dog at the Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum.


Video tour of the Orpheus Fountain, Library and Art Museum

Cranbrook Art Museum is a contemporary art museum at the Academy of Art, and one of the finest venues for student art at any school internationally. The Museum’s permanent collection and changing exhibitions serve as a resource for the Academy as well as local and national communities. The Cranbrook Academy of Art Library is an invaluable resource of visual and written materials to support the research needs of students currently enrolled in the Academy, CAA faculty and staff, and the curatorial staff of the Cranbrook Art Museum. This tour begins at the Orpheus Fountain directly in front of the museum and the library, and provides a panorama of the peristyle.


Cranbrook is Beautiful in Winter

The Cranbrook grounds are typified by extremes of beauty. The pastoral green of summer invariably gives way to winters punctuated by dramatic snow storms.

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