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Dickinson and Binion Are Featured in “Art in Amercia”

Two Cranbrook painting alums McArthur Binion (Painting ’73) and Jessica Dickinson (Painting ’99) are featured in the February edition of Art in America in an article about “Slow Painting.” According to the article, “Slow Painting imbeds a premonition of something potentially enormous held in reserve that can only be revealed slowly.”

Design99’s Reichert Is Featured in the “Detroitisit” About “The Art of Hoarding”

In Detroitisit artists Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert (Architecture ’03) spoke about making art in an the article, “The Art of Hoarding.” A married art duo known jointly as Design99—are among the most contemporary generation in a longstanding interventionist tradition of Detroit “house art,” which stretches back into the 1960s. In the “Banglatown” neighborhood, Reichert and Cope have been converting houses in their neighborhood into interactive works, collectively know as Power House Productions. In addition to the works that have evolved out of […]

Alumnus Pachter’s Exhibition Opened at the Bangladesh National Museum

A 14-day long art exhibition of Canadian contemporary artist Charles Pachter (Printmaking ’66) was inaugurated at the Nalini Kanta Bhattasali Gallery of Bangladesh National Museum. The Bangladesh National Museum, in association with the Canadian High Commission in Dhaka and the Canadian Community Arts initiatives (CCAI) organized a retrospective exhibition titled “Quintessential Canadian” of the artist at its Nalini Kanta Bhattasali Gallery in the capital. The exhibition is open from 10:30am to 7:30pm from Saturday to Wednesday and from 2:30pm to 8:30pm on […]

Smith Opens First Solo Exhibition with Library Street Collective

Willie Wayne Smith (Painting ’10) opened Open Book, Thin Air is his first solo exhibition with Library Street Collective. Smith’s paintings begin with improvisational charcoal drawings, where he creates each composition and story from memory and mind’s eye, without using any visual aids or references: “They are immediate and usually complete fictions, but often draw from my own experiences or remind me of those experiences. I often see the figures as surrogates for people I have known… They are both alien […]

Amanze Named As Montblanc Cultural Foundation’s Artist Commission Program for 2018

The Montblanc Cultural Foundation has been facilitating artistic exploration by unlocking opportunities for artists to produce and showcase work for over 25 years.  As part of its commitment to support an exciting new generation of artists, the Foundation named artist Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze (Fiber ’06), one of its three recipients of its Artist Commission Program for 2018. Awarded annually, the program enables emerging artists to produce new works within the context of an institutional exhibition, a biennale, or an art festival.  The work of […]

Badach Uses Gunpowder as Pigment in “Land of Epic Battles”

An opening reception for Land of Epic Battles, an exhibition by Philadelphia-based photographer Justyna Badach (Photography ’98) , and 2018 Transmedia Photography Annual on Thursday, is being held at Light Work February 1 from 5-7 p.m. Reception guests are invited to join the artist at 6 p.m. for an in-gallery talk about her current solo-exhibition on view in the Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery. Land of Epic Battles features Badach’s new series of large, hand-made dichromate prints, made using film stills from ISIS training […]

Newport’s “Stitches” Is Reviewed in “Detroit Art Review”

Fiber Artist-in-Residence Mark Newport’s current solo exhibition Stitches is at Simone DeSousa Gallery and has been reviewed by Detroit Art Review. According to the publication, “Every work in ‘Mark Newport: Stitches’ has provocative personal, social and cultural history that bears scrutiny. One of the persistent thoughts when exploring the heavily embroidered areas of Newport’s work is the interconnected nature of stitches and images. Newport will have a Gallery Conversation at 4pm on February 3 at […]

Vieux Featured in “ArtZealous”

ArtZealous featured a quick Q&A with alumna Anne Vieux (Painting ’12) called “Five Minutes with New York-Based Artist Anne Vieux.” Vieux makes paintings, books, sculptures, and videos, all of which inform each other artistically.  She works with the idea of mediation and gesture through the lens of the screen, in painting, video, and sculpture.

Semivan Exhibits “Door Into the Dark” at David Klein Gallery

A solo exhibition, Door Into the Dark by Lauren Semivan (Photography ’06) is opening at David Klein Gallery in Detroit. The exhibition features new photographs from her ongoing Pitch series. A reception for the artist will take place on Saturday, February 3, 6 – 8 pm and the exhibition is open through March 10. 

Schanck Is Featured in “Departures Magazine”

Christopher Schanck (3D Design ’11) is highlighted in a recent feature story in Departures Magazine. Read about his practice and how his time at Cranbrook influenced his transition to design.

Schanck’s First Comprenhensive Exhibition at Friedman Benda To Open in March

BlOUIN ARTINFO highlights alumnus Chris Schanck’s (3D Design ’11) exhibition Unhomely at  Friedman Benda in New York.  Unhomely marks a culmination of his acclaimed sculptural approach and the first time a comprehensive body of work by Schanck will be on public view. It features 15 works with independent, stand-alone narratives woven into an otherworldly landscape. The works synthesize premeditation and spontaneity, the artist’s highly individualized, low-tech, idiosyncratic technique. Hybrids of sculpture and furniture, along with bold constructions blend biomorphic forms with elaborately crafted symbolism. The assemblages further draw from a wide range of influences ranging from Brutalist and Art Deco architecture to ancient Egyptian, Anatolian and Aztec iconography. The exhibition will be on view from March 1 through April 14, 2018, at Friedman Benda, 515 W 26th Street New York, NY 10001.

Mark Newport’s “Stitches” Opens at Simone DeSousa Gallary on January 13

Congratulations to Mark Newport, Artist-in-Residence in Fiber at Cranbrook Academy of Art, on the opening of Stitches, at his first solo exhibition at Simone DeSousa Gallery in Detroit. The exhibition opens to the public on January 13. The works included in Stitches begin when a hole is cut into the cloth. The hole is then filled by weaving with a needle and thread. The repairs are made using traditional textile darning and mending techniques learned from studying European and American mending samplers.
“Whether the […]

Alums Fay and Aratani Are Featured in “Azure Magazine”

Evan Fay (3D ’16) and Ayako Aratani (3D ’16) are featured in Azure Magazine. Asked why they came to Cranbrook, they “sought to colour outside the lines, and ultimately chose Cranbrook for its blending of fine art with craft, along with its focus on individual expression.” In the article, Aratani and Fay talk about  the passion for craft they developed at Cranbrook Academy of Art to genre-expanding extremes.

Fishman Featured in Jack Hanley’s Gallery Exhibition “Spieltrieb”

Painting Artist-in-Residence Beverly Fishman is part of a group exhibition called, Spieltrieb at Jack Hanley Gallery. Spieltrieb is a German expression that can be translated as ‘play-drive’, the ‘urge to play’ or ‘play impulse’. In ‘On the Aesthetic Education of Man’ (1794) German poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller described Spieltrieb as the ideal union of Formtrieb (the form impulse) and Stofftrieb (the sense impulse). In his theory, the sense impulse equals life whereas the form impulse equates with shape and therefore denotes the object of Spieltrieb as the living shape which for him is synonymous with beauty. The exhibition runs through February 5, 2018.

Lynne Named Ford Curatorial Fellow at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Alumna Jova Lynne (Photography ’17) was named the new Ford Curatorial Fellow for Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. The Ford Curatorial Fellowship provides recent graduates in the field with important professional experience. Lynne will begin her fellowship in January 2018.

Schwartz Named “New Visual Artists 2017: 15 Under 30”

Amy Schwartz (2D ’14) is featured in Print Magazine in a piece titled, “New Visual Artists 2017: 15 Under 30.” As a member of this list she is “one of the 15 most talents in Visual Communications today.” According to Print Magazine, “What was once a highly edited list of 20 of the best and brightest young designers is now a deeper exploration of 15 of the most original talents working in visual communications today.”

“Ann Arbor Art Center’s All Media” Show Is Juried by Wong and Includes Chugh and Pontious

The Ann Arbor Art Center’s Annual All Media show opens Friday, December 15 and is juried by alumna Alison Wong (Painting ’06), director of Wasserman Projects. The “All Media” exhibition, now in its 95th year, put out an open call for artists from across the Great Lakes region to submit their work in an effort to promote regional talent. Guest juror Alison Wong reviewed 600 submissions through an anonymous jury process and selected 36 artworks from 29 artists. Half of the artists selected […]

Kim’s Ceramic Donuts Featured in “Colossal”

Pop-art inspired ceramic donuts created by Academy graduate Jae Yong Kim (Ceramics ’01) are featured in Colossal. Kim chooses patterns and images that evoke a sense of pop culture both past and present, with several pieces imitating the style of famous painters such as the splattered marks of Jackson Pollack or concentric dots of Yayoi Kusama. These references, alongside their presentation as food, ask the audience to consider what they are really consuming when viewing his small, spherical works.

“Metropolis Magazine” Readers Learn Florence Knoll Lessons

Metropolis Magazine’s Vice President of Design Paul Makovsky reflects on the lessons to be learned from Cranbrook’s Florence Knoll contributions to architecture and design.  According to the article, as a pioneer of interior and furniture design and a successful entrepreneur, she is one of the most influential architects and designers of postwar America, yet her mark on Modern design transcends any one of these fields. Her studies at Kingswood and Cranbrook Academy of Art during the 1930s impressed upon her a human-centered design approach.Her studies at Kingswood and Cranbrook Academy of Art during the 1930s impressed upon her a human-centered design approach. 

McNay Art Museum Aquired Binion Collage

In Art Daily, The McNay Art Museum, announced today the acquisition of three major works – all collages —  The Cop, by Benny Andrews; ghost: rhythms: III, by McArthur Binion (Painting ’73); and Kwabena, by Rashaad Newsome.
“Art museums are in the business of beauty and truth,” said Aste. “And part of our commitment to truth here, in the first modern art museum in Texas, is celebrating the diverse men and women who define ‘modern’ in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. This purchase by the Museum and the McNay Contemporary Collectors Forum allows the McNay to present a more inclusive and truthful history of modern and contemporary art to our community.”
The three collages by Andrews, Binion, and Newsome will be featured in “Something to Say: The McNay Presents 100 Years of African American Art”, opening February 8, 2018.

Alumna Jaworska Named Top Architect Working in the “Middle Ground Between Art and Architecture”

Cultured Magazine focuses on architect Ania Jaworska (Architecture ’09) when discussing a category of architecture these days that isn’t really about building structures to live and work in. It’s more about a conceptual practice that exists in a misty middle ground between art and architecture—think of Snarkitecture, among many others, doing fascinating work in this zone.
Jaworska has designed arenas and stadiums in the past, but she has lately tended toward big thinking about how we do (and don’t) […]

Peterson’s “Shadow of Men” Opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver in February

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver) is presenting an exhibition by Cleon Peterson (2D Design ’06) in 2018. The exhibition, titled Cleon Peterson: Shadow of Men, showcases the artist’s aesthetic mastery, long under-recognized by the museum field. This solo presentation also demonstrates the importance of representing violence to highlight a disturbing though fundamental element of society. The installations will introduce Peterson’s murals, paintings, and sculptures to a new audience and will transform the museum inside and out. The exhibition opens February 2, 2018 through May 27, 2018. 

Wu Featured in “Eye on Design”

Qingyu Wu (2D Design ’17) is profiled in Eye on Design where she speaks of influences and current work. In her second year [at Cranbrook Academy of Art], she translated a group of found objects—including 7″ vinyl records, vintage film strips, tobacco tin boxes, soap, dice, and other miscellaneous items collected from flea markets and thrift stores—into graphic form to create the book The Item You Selected Is Unavailable. To create the book, Wu used C-Thru typesetter’s ruler to measured the width of each object and order them by point size, from 1pt to 500pt. She then scanned each item to determine the abstract form it would take on the page and rearranged each abstract shape by its size and the year the object was made.

Artist-in-Residence Eichenberg and Alumna Mimlitsch-Gray Speak at Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum’s “Jewelry of Ideas Symposium”

Cooper Hewitt is exploring the world of contemporary jewelry design with esteemed scholars and renowned jewelers during this day-long symposium highlighting the exhibition Jewelry of Ideas: Gifts from The Susan Grant Lewin Collection. Artist-in-Residence of Metalsmithing Iris Eichenberg will be the keynote speaker in a session focusing on the trends and developments in European and American contemporary jewelry. And alumna and jeweler Myra Mimlitsch-Gray (Metalsmithing ’86) will be part of a panel discussion discussing the subject of communicating ideas through jewelry. The symposium is November 17. 

Cave Discusses “Nick Cave: Feat” in “Whitehot Magazine”

Nick Cave (Fiber ’88) is profiled in the Whitehot Magazine. The piece focuses on Nov. 10 opening of Nick Cave: Feat as well as upcoming projects.  Cave opened an extensive survey of his practice at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, Tennessee including a massive projection of Cave’s Soundsuit-centric art film, Blot (2012), several psychedelic textile installations including Architectural Forest (2011) and Button Walls (2013) and a crowd-pleasing selection of ten marvelous Soundsuits made between 2011 and 2017.

Cave Opens “Nick Cave: Feat” on November 10 at The First Center for the Visual Arts

Artist Nick Cave (Fiber ’89) will exhibit at  The Frist Center for the Visual Arts with the exhibition, Nick Cave: Feat opening on November 10. The exhibition contains an array of engaging works that are broadly accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds and, on a deeper level, speak to issues of identity, racial equity, and social justice. Cave will also direct the community-based project Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville, a monumental interdisciplinary performance work featuring local talent that will be presented twice on April 6, 2018.

Nick Cave: Feat will be on view in the Upper-Level Galleries through June 24, 2018.

Von Habsburg-Lothringen Exhibits “WORLD LEADERS” at University of Michigan

WORLD LEADERS is a pop-up exhibition by Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen (Photography ’14.) This is an installation of new work by Von Habsburg-Lothringen whose work addresses the American notion of aspiration, mortality, and persona. It is part of the Institute for the Humanities’ Year of Archives and Futures and organized in celebration of the U-M Bicentennial. The artist’s talk will be on November 3 at 3pm.

Schonberger Named One of “20 Young Artists Shaping the Future of Photography”

Ben Schonberger (Photography ’13) was recently named one of “20 young artists shaping the future of photography” by FOAM Magazine.  Schonberger was selected from a pool of 1,790 submissions from 75 different countries.

Shore Exhibits at Fine Art Print Fair

Paul Shore (Print Media ’85) will be exhibiting prints from his Drawn Home collection at the Fine Art Print Fair with C. G. Boerner (Booth 511). The Fair runs though October 29 in New York.

Goethel Campbell Opens “Faulty Vision”at David Klein Gallery

Faulty Vision, an exhibition by Interim Print Media Artist-in-Residence Susan Goethel Campbell (Print Media ’89), is opening at David Klein Gallery in Detroit.  Faulty Vision brings together multiple works in a range of media that consider our uncertain relationship to landscape and the built environment. For this exhibition, Campbell uses prints, photographs and natural materials to respond directly to the architecture of the gallery space. Structural elements such as walls and columns are clad with earth and grass to pose larger questions about impermanence and the logic of man-made systems. An opening and reception for the artist will take place on Saturday, November 4, from 6 to 8pm. The exhibition is open through December 16.

Massey Awarded $200,000 Knight Arts Challenge Grant

Knight Arts Challenge reveals its 2017 Detroit winners. Tiff Massey (Metalsmithing ’11) was the largest recipient as an individual artist, receiving $200,000 for her tentatively titled “Spring” art installation at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Massey says she applied as an artist to the Knight Arts Challenge because she felt there was a clear need for city officials to start thinking about art and its role in the community. 
“When it comes to the public sector and sculpture, we don’t have an arts committee,” said Massey. “Major cities are thinking about the arts in the public realm, so why is Detroit slow to this conversation? That’s what ‘Spring’ is about for me. It’s for the people.”

Cole’s Work Featured in “Intersections of Gender and Place” at Mississippi University for Women

Mississippi University for Women is hosting Intersections of Gender and Place, an art exhibition that focuses on women artists in the South whose work relates to gender issues and southern culture. The exhibit, which opened on Oct. 5 and will be on display at the MUW Galleries in Summer Hall through Nov. 1, features artwork from Teresa Cole (Print Media ’89) , Shawne Major and Amy Pleasant. Cole is a New Orleans-based printmaker who earned her master’s degree in print media from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. She currently teaches printmaking at Tulane University.

Clark’s “Unraveling” Featured in Hyperallergic

Sonya Clark (Fiber ’95) participated in Unraveling and was featured in Hyperallergic. The performance exhibition within the exhibition,  Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art at the Speed Museum in October 2017.  Although Clark has unraveled a confederate flag twice before in 2015 and 2016 it holds a new significance in 2017. This was the first performance under the current presidential administration and since the country has found itself embroiled in debate over the presence and ramifications of Confederate imagery in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past summer. Clark stood side-by-side by participants, shoulder-to-shoulder as they pull each strand of the flag and confront the reality it represents. “Racial injustice is something that every American contends with, either consciously or unconsciously, and it’s so deeply embedded in the fabric of our nation […] The word “racism” is sort of like a trigger word; you know, it can shut people’s ears off, shut people down, bring people’s defense mechanisms up. So I’m less interested in that, and more interested in picking apart and undoing and understanding the fabric of our nation and trying to really understand the roots of racial injustice,” said Clark. 

Eichenberg and Turner Featured Academy Graduates in “Moreland” at Simone DeSousa Gallery

Opening on October 21 and organized by Metalsmithing Aritist-in-Residence Iris Eichenberg and alumna Sarah Turner (Metalsmiting ’04), with support from Simone DeSousa Gallery, MoreLand takes its inspiration from an essential community stronghold, a site of function, curiosity and learning: the hardware store. MoreLand continues a long-tested assertion that in the right hands, objects that are useful and practical can also be thoughtful, evocative and poetic. For MoreLand, 24 art, craft, and designed-based makers were invited to reimagine the things they love in hardware stores.  Participating Artists in the exhibition include many Academy of Art graduates: Kat Burdine (Pring Media ’15), Eunji Choi (Metalsmithing ’14), Terry Conrad (Print Media ’10), Iris Eichenberg, Fabio J. Fernandez (Sculpture ’02), Chitra Gopalakrishnan (2D Design ’09), Ken Gray (Metalsmithing ’86), Gésine Hackenberg, Esther Knobel, Travis Lewis (Metalsmithing ’10), Myra Mimlitsch Gray (Print Media ’86), Eija Mustonen, Gitte Nygaard, Suzanne Pugh, Alexis Richards (Metalsmithing ’17), Ellie Richards, Nadège Roscoe-Rumjahn (Metalsmithing ’14), Jovencio de la Paz (Fiber ’12), David Schafer / Studio Make (Ceramics ’09), Alberte Tranberg (Metalsmithing ’18), Robert Turek (3D Design ’10), Sarah Turner, Studio Gorm (John and Wonhee Arndt).
The exhibition runs through December 23, 2017.

York’s “Foundation” is at The Drawing Center in NYC

Using graphite as a sculptural rather than a two-dimensional medium, York created replicas of parts of the museum’s foundation: irregular granite piers that protrude above the museum’s ground floor. Four graphite drawings, each mirroring the appearance of a pier, hang alongside York’s sculptural works, strengthening the ties between drawing and sculpture in her practice.

Artist-in-Residence Ian McDonald Is Profiled in “Surface Magazine”

Surface Magazine asks a designer to take a selfie and is profiled about their practice and work in their “Ask A Designer” piece. Ceramics Artist-in-Residence Ian McDonald was interviewed about shooting hoops, a forthcoming show in Japan, and his aversion to clutter.

Muecke Named Hublot Design Prize Finalist

Jonathan Muecke (3D Design ’10 ) was named a finalist of the Hublot Design Prize in 2017. Born from the friendship between Jean-Claude Biver and Pierre Keller (former director of Lausanne University of Art and Design, ECAL), the Hublot Design Prize was created in 2015 to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the launch of the iconic Big Bang model and highlights the work of the designers of tomorrow. This prize is not intended to pay tribute to the work of a famous designer, nor to support a newly qualified designer, but to provide an already accomplished designer with a platform to launch and increase the exposure of their work, a career boost so that, one day, they will rank amongst the great names in design.

Bliven To Open “The 228” at Jackson Dinsdale Art Center

The Jackson Dinsdale Art Center at Hastings College is featuring The 228, from Alyssa Rose Bliven (Metalsmithing ’16). The exhibition will be on display in the center’s main gallery through Oct. 28. Bliven is a 2014 Hastings College graduate and recent 2016 graduate of Metalsmithing at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. As a self-proclaimed object-maker, she constructs 3D sculptures with a variety of materials. A portion of the exhibition showcases Bliven’s masters thesis from Cranbrook, “228 Words on Depression.” This collection of sculptures addresses the similarities between emotions and knick knacks.

Lopez to Present at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Ana M. Lopez (Metalsmithing ’99) is presenting to the Dallas Art Association on Wednesday, October 4th from 7-9 p.m. at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, 400 E Hickory St, Denton, TX .  Lopez is a metalsmith, educator and decorative arts scholar. She is the author of the reference book Metalworking Through History: An Encyclopedia, published by Greenwood Press, as well as numerous other scholarly articles. She holds an MFA in Metalsmithing from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and an MA in the History of American Decorative Arts from The Smithsonian Associates and Parsons School of Design. She is currently Associate Professor and Area Coordinator of Metalsmithing & Jewelry at the University of North Texas where she also teaches The History of Craft.

Herr to Speak at the Museum of Arts and Design on Fridays

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) announces the Fall 2017 session of its Artist Studios Program and Van Lier Fellowship. The selected artists will work in MAD’s sixth-floor open studios from September 26, 2017 through January 28, 2018. Cranbrook Alum Johannah Herr (Sculpture ’16) will be at the studio every Friday.  While at MAD, Herr will explore Soviet and Japanese propaganda textiles to expand upon her series “Snuggies for the Revolution.” Through this project, she is reconsidering her interest in patterns and the historical role of textiles used for both political oppression and resistance movements. Herr will also continue her “Propaganda Poster” series, which uses holographic sign vinyl and gouache to examine the ways pattern and other optical devices are used to both dazzle and visually confuse.

LVL Gallery Named Kent Artist of the Week

LVL Gallery named Stephen Kent (Ceramics ’13) Artist of the Week and profiled him. Kent has been a student at Penn State, Cranbrook Academy of Art, at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, a participant in the International Ceramic Research Center, Guldagergaard in Denmark and received a Fellowship at the Oxbow School of Art and Artist residency in Michigan. In 2013 he moved to Berlin where he has continued to work around ideas of resolution and image production through the decorative gesture and the exploration of cultural codes embedded in everyday objects.

Pearson’s Textile Company Becomes Part of Momentum Group

After running her own textile company for 25 years, textile trailblazer Sina Pearson (Fiber ’72) is now bringing her brand to Momentum Group. Pearson’s namesake textile company was acquired last year by Momentum Group, so she spends time in Seattle in her garden and the rest of the month at Momentum’s minimalist showroom on New York’s Park Avenue. In Metropolis she said, “It’s like left brain, right brain,” insisting that pulling up […]

Vieux Is Part of “Painters & Photographers”

Anne Vieux (Painting ‘) is part of a group exhibition at PC–G’s Reilly Gallery opening on September 14. Painters & Photographers presents painterly themes and techniques in recent abstract photography. This exhibition consists of illusionistic compositions— rendered somewhere between meticulous staging techniques, analog processes and digital alterations—manipulate perceptions of space and reality to create photographs that appear as abstract paintings. In addition to the exhibition, a Conjunctive Mini-Symposium will be held on October 26, 6:30-8pm. 

Nelson and Vieux Open “Unfamiliar Again: Contemporary Women Abstractionists” at Newcomb Art Museum

Cranbrook Alums Brittney Nelson (Photography ’11) and Anne Vieux (Painting ’12) are part of the group exhibition Unfamiliar Again: Contemporary Women Abstractionists at Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane. Hailing from across the United States, the artists in this exhibition explore new ways of abstraction based on experimental, process-oriented methods. Intended to defamiliarize common imagery, their works preclude figurative recognition or easy comprehension. The methods of the exhibition’s artists are nuanced, time-intensive, and often drawn from unlikely modernized sources. These include “DIY” videos on YouTube, Photoshop errors, digital distortions, smart phone apps, and manipulated or synthetic materials such as scanned iridescent paper and digitally printed faux suede. The exhibition’s opening reception is on September 6 at 6:30pm and the exhibition is open through December 23, 2017.

Fishman Is Interviewed in “”

Painting Artist-in-Residence Beverly Fishman is interviewed in by J. Fiona Ragheb. She speaks about her most recent work and how her “work adopts the language of abstraction to explore the body, issues of identity, and contemporary culture.”  

“Artnew News” Featured Cranbrook Graduates Outside of Standard “Art-Market Capitals”

Artnew News featured several stories about our graduates doing amazing things! Congratulations to Haynes Riley (2D ’11), Nicole Killian (2D ’11), Brittany Nelson (Photography ’11), Patrick Gantert (Sculpture ’10), and Willie Wayne Smith (Painting ’10) – all either running or exhibiting in spaces outside of standard “art-market capitals.” Cranbrook is “thriving”!

Artist-in-Residence Fishman Opening Solo Exhibition at the Kravets Wehby Gallery in September

The Kravets Wehby Gallery is pleased to announce T.N.N., a solo exhibition of new work by Beverly Fishman, opening on Thursday, September 7 and running through October 7, 2017. There will be a reception on Thursday, September 7 from 6 – 8 pm.

Fishman’s “The New Normal” (“T.N.N”) is an anxious meditation on the American drug crisis. The paintings form a series of almost sinister shapes that appropriate the forms of various medications, such as Prozac, Vicodin, and Xanax. Fishman’s acutely chromatic work is meticulously crafted from wood and coated in layer upon layer of paint to razor-sharp precision.

Andrews Named Executive and Creative Director of Ox-Bow

Mike Andrews (Sculpture ’04) has been appointment as the new Executive and Creative Director of Ox-Bow, school of art and artists’ residency. Andrews has worked at Ox-Bow since 2010 as the Academic Director. In that role he was directly involved in setting the vision for the programs, and implementing the rigorous curriculum. Andrews also has been tenure-track faculty at the School of the Art Institute in the Department of Fiber and Material studies where he taught weaving, software, and experimental approaches to craft.

Surls Commissioned to Create Art for Lamar University

Texas-native artist and James Surls (Sculpture ’69) has been commissioned to create Lamar University’s newest art addition to bring inspiration and beauty to the campus.

‘Everyone can be inspired by art,’ said Kim Steinhagen, Public Art Committee co-chair, ‘It is one of those things that enriches our lives the more we are exposed to it, and it beautifies the campus. We love the landscaping on campus and art is just another part of that.’

Surls is a nature-inspired modernist artist, known for his carved sculptures and bronze and steel works. His work has been featured in many galleries around the world, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, as well as in Canada, China, France, Mexico, and other countries.

Richards Named Dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Troy Richards (Painting ’97) is named the new Dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Richards is an experienced arts administrator, artist, and faculty member who has worked at both a large public university and a small independent arts institution. Most recently, he was interim associate dean of the arts, College of Arts and Sciences, at the University of Delaware, where he was responsible for the academic programs and activities of the college’s “arts portfolio,” which encompasses the visual arts and design, music, dance and theater.