Elliott Earls interviewed in Art 21 Blog

Elliott Earls and Family at Cranbrook Art Museum

ArtMembers’ Opening Reception: Friday, November 15, 2013The Blog Art 21, has an interesting article posted today entitled The Anchor Art Museums in and of Detroit. In the Article Colin Darke interviews me about the importance of the museum, and he profiles my new work Elegy for the Collapse of the Empire.

Interpretive skills are a critical part of a Museum’s mission. Elliott eloquently observed: “I feel the Museum has a deeply important social role … In some ways the idea of the Museum as a repository of musty but beautiful and esoteric crap, is finished… the Museum should be on the frontline in a war for our collective soul. The humanities–those things that make us human–are under ceaseless attack.” He went on to observe that The Cranbrook Museum “should be one essential player in defending a social space for activities that are not economic in nature. The Museum should be a public refuge for the Humanities. The Museum should be a leading warrior in an attempt to claw-back a social fabric that includes the contemplative, aesthetic, and thoughtful.

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