The Nuisance Committee’s Cranbrook Connection

Two Cranbrook Academy of Art 2D Design graduates have been making national news this week with a series of billboards they helped produce in conjunction with the 2016 presidential election.

Lindsey Camelio and Amy Schwartz (both 2D Design ’14) are part of a collective called the Nuisance Committee, an political action campaign group set up by Cards Against Humanity (where Schwartz serves as the Design Director). The group made headlines this week when their billboard went up in Dearborn, a heavily populated Arab-American suburb of Detroit, which spelled out the phrase “Donald Trump can’t read this, but he is scared of it” in Arabic. Read story about the project in TIME magazine.


Orlando billboard by the Nuisance Committee

So far, the group has launched three campaigns targeting presidential candidate Donald Trump, all intended to “troll” the candidate and appeal to voting populations that may not be inclined to turn out at the polls.

In addition to the Arabic billboard, the group launched a website and billboard in Orlando aimed at the video game community, showing Trump as various heroes from the popular multiplayer game Overwatch (check out the website www.trumpisnotateamplayer.com). It explains Trump’s actions in terms of gaming – he blames teammates, says his controller is broken and that he loses all the time, but “it’s never his fault.” Read a story about the project in Forbes.


Chicago billboard by the Nuisance Committee

The group also set up a billboard outside of Chicago proclaiming that “If Trump is so rich, how come he didn’t buy this billboard?”

Visit the group’s websites here:

Read more about the story in the Washington Post, on CNN, and in the Los Angeles Times.

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