Jim Amaral and Olga de Amaral Talk About Art and Meeting at Cranbrook

According to the City Paper, most critics agree that the works of Jim Amaral (Design ’55) and Olga de Amaral (Fiber ’55) are two of the most important living artists. Olga’s tapestries are exhibited in the most prestigious museums of the world, including New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), and Jim’s bronze sculptures have redefined the visual landmarks of the Colombian capital. The focus of two landmark retrospectives in Columbia this year – starting with the Museum of Modern Art’s ‘De la línea al espacio’, and, more recently, an exhibition titled ‘Duo’ at La Cometa gallery, the couple claim that besides the timing being a matter of coincidence, it’s their swan song ending “various chapters in their lives.” According to Jim: “we speak a language other artists don’t understand. Most paint things just to put on a wall.”



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