Pearson’s Textile Company Becomes Part of Momentum Group

After running her own textile company for 25 years, textile trailblazer Sina Pearson (Fiber ’72) is now bringing her brand to Momentum Group. Pearson’s namesake textile company was acquired last year by Momentum Group, so she spends time in Seattle in her garden and the rest of the month at Momentum’s minimalist showroom on New York’s Park Avenue. In Metropolis she said, “It’s like left brain, right brain,” insisting that pulling up weeds in Seattle and marking up fabric samples in New York are really two versions of the same mind-set of constant tweaking and iterating. “In the design process, you have to just let the fabric be what it wants to be. You can’t fight it. The same thing with gardening—if you plant something and it dies, it was never meant to be there.”


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