Alumna Jaworska Named Top Architect Working in the “Middle Ground Between Art and Architecture”

Cultured Magazine focuses on architect Ania Jaworska (Architecture ’09) when discussing a category of architecture these days that isn’t really about building structures to live and work in. It’s more about a conceptual practice that exists in a misty middle ground between art and architecture—think of Snarkitecture, among many others, doing fascinating work in this zone.

Jaworska has designed arenas and stadiums in the past, but she has lately tended toward big thinking about how we do (and don’t) organize space. You could say that her specialty is a playful questioning of historical models.

“I do love the conceptual part,” says Jaworska, who forms a firm of one. She creates partnerships and enlists help as necessary for her many projects. “I think that my practice is growing because I enjoy working between scales,” she adds. “I go from turning out an object to making a larger installation, and I do enjoy the variety, the possibilities of communicating with architectural visual language.”

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