Designer-in-Residence Scott Klinker

Designer-in-Residence Scott Klinker

Designer-in-Residence Scott Klinker

Designer-in-Residence Scott Klinker

Scott Klinker has been Designer-in-Residence and Head of the 3D Design Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art since 2001. Klinker earned a B.S. in Industrial Design from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and later an M.F.A. in Design from Cranbrook.  After gaining experience as an in-house designer at Ericsson, and as senior staff at IDEO – Klinker ventured to Japan in 1999 to lead a product design program at the Kanazawa International Design Institute and founded his independent studio, Scott Klinker Product Design – focused on developing licensed designs for contract furniture, household goods and toys. He moved his practice to Cranbrook in 2001 and began working as design consultant and educator with design-driven companies including Herman Miller, Alessi, Steelcase, Burton Snowboards, and others.

In 2004, Scott’s Spaceframe Builder’s Kit was selected by Fortune magazine as one of the top 25 products of the year. In 2006, he was featured in Newsweek’s annual ‘Design Dozen’ selection of best new designers. In 2010, his ‘Trellis Bowl’ was produced by Alessi, the iconic Italian manufacturer of tableware products. He has led his students to receive the ‘Best School’ award at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in both 2002 and in 2012.

You can see Scott’s products at Chicago’s annual NEOCON furniture show and New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair. His work has been featured in ID Magazine, Metropolis, Wallpaper, Interior Design Magazine, The New York Times, Fortune Magazine and Newsweek. He has also organized and curated exhibitions to promote design in Kanazawa, Chicago, Detroit, New York and Milan. As an active agent in education, culture and commerce, he is building new works, connections and discussions to inspire design culture in America and abroad.

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Scott Klinker
Corner Bright Light for, 2014
Aluminum, electronics. 72″ High.

Select Exhibitions

  • 2016 Low Rider Lounge launch with Offi & Co. NEOCON, Chicago.
  • 2014 Alessi Exhibit at Wanted Design, NYC.
  • 2014 Pop-up Showroom for, SOHO, NYC.
  • 2013 Life Support David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
  • 2013 Hands-On: Conceptual Craft Research ICFF, NYC.
  • 2012 Working Title Detroit Design Festival, Compuware Gallery. Detroit MI.
  • 2012 Metal Workshop: Cranbrook for Alessi. Alessi SOHO store, NYC.
  • 2012 Metal Workshop: Cranbrook for Alessi. Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • 2012 No Object is an Island Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • 2010 Mix Modern, furniture collection shown in 15 Art Van showrooms throughout Michigan, 2010
  • 2008 Noun, Verb, Adjective: Cranbrook Defines Craft, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI, 2008
  • 2008 Creating Velocity, Community Arts Gallery, Paramount Bank, Ferndale, MI
  • 2006 Truss Furniture Collection Launch w/ Context Furniture at ICFF NYC, 2006
  • 2006 Crossing Flatland: New Designs by Scott Klinker, solo exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • 2005 Living Spaces Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

Select Exhibitions As Curator

  • 2016 Fine Design for the End of the World, Collective Design fair, NYC.
  • 2015 Objects for the New Interior, Detroit Design Festival
  • 2013 Hands-On: Conceptual Craft Research, ICFF, NYC
  • 2012 Rest and Concentration in the Workplace: Cranbrook for Herman Miller, ICFF, NYC
  • 2012 Metal Workshop: Cranbrook for Alessi, Alessi SOHO store, NYC
  • 2012 Metal Workshop: Cranbrook for Alessi, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfeild Hills, MI
  • 2009 Innate Gestures, Cranbrook student workshop with Leon Ransmeier at ICFF in NYC
  • 2008 Design Democracy, with Context Furniture at ICFF, NYC
  • 2007 Crystalized Electronics, Cranbrook student concepts for Swarovski as an online gallery
  • 2005 Authors of Use, Cranbrook students at Felissimo Design House in Manhattan, NYC
  • 2004 Material Cultures, Cranbrook Students at Chicago’s NEOCON World’s Trade Fair
  • 2003 Life (Styled): Objects for Emerging Attitudes, Cranbrook Students at the Milan Salone de Mobile
  • 2002 On the Pleasures of the Table, Student exhibition at ICFF in NYC. Awarded ‘Best School 2002′
Scott Klinker Trellis Fruit Holder for Alessi, 2012, Stainless Steel, 28cm x 28cm x 4cm

Scott Klinker
Trellis Fruit Holder for Alessi, 2012, Stainless Steel, 28cm x 28cm x 4cm

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 Scott Klinker, Low Rider Lounge, Polyethylene Plastic, 29”W x 25”L x 23”H.

Scott Klinker, Low Rider Lounge, Polyethylene Plastic, 29”W x 25”L x 23”H.