In-person Graduate Portfolio Review Events

National Portfolio Day Association hosted Graduate Portfolio Days
The Graduate Portfolio Days are for students that have already completed a Bachelor’s degree program and are looking to further their education at the graduate level. They follow the same format as the National Portfolio Days but provide prospective MFA, MArch and MA students’ feedback on their portfolios as suited for admission to a graduate course of study. In addition, these sessions give students the opportunity to learn more about the curricula, faculty, application procedures and other graduate program information.

As with the National Portfolio Days, the Graduate Portfolio Days are not an examination, nor are they a competition. Attendees should not expect to gain either admission or scholarship to colleges visited during the event. They will have the opportunity, however, to get specific information about the quality, depth and consistency of portfolio requirements required at the graduate level from each school visited; direct feedback on their artwork; and the next steps for applying for admission.

Students interested in undergraduate degree programs are encouraged to attend a National Portfolio Day in their area. Representatives at Graduate Portfolio Days will not be able to review portfolios of students interested in undergraduate degrees.

Sat, Oct 22: San Francisco Graduate Portfolio Day, California College of the Arts
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Sun, Oct 30: New York Graduate Portfolio Day, Parsons School of Design
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Sat, Nov 5: Chicago Graduate Portfolio Day, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
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As always, if you have questions about our program, please contact our Admissions Office :