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Request our free Yellow Book: What is Cranbrook Academy of Art?  … which includes a pretty cool patch with the Cranbrook crane logo … by completing the form below.  We will even mail your book (and patch) overseas!

You won’t be getting a typical course catalog from us  … we’re not that kind of place. If you’ve spent some time on our website, you know that we don’t have classes, we don’t have grades and we don’t have course requirements. So, that means we don’t have course catalogs.

Instead, you’ll be receiving a book from us. A little yellow book titled simply “What is Cranbrook Academy of Art?” It was designed by Elliott Earls, our Designer-in-Residence and Head of the 2D Design Department. We often get asked a lot of questions about this place. We thought we’d answer them all – and we hope you’ll enjoy reading about Cranbrook Academy of Art just as much as we enjoyed telling its remarkable story.

Request Information from Cranbrook Academy of Art

But, you might have questions like: What departments do they have at Cranbrook and how do I apply?  How much does it cost to go to there? Can I get financial aid? All of that information is on our website. So, while you wait for your book to arrive, please take some time to read through the site.  And when you have other questions, email us. Or better yet, call us – you’ll get a real live person (248-645-3300).