Dorms and Dining

In the Dorm.

In the Dorm

The Dorms and Dining at Cranbrook Academy of Art

The Academy is a full-time living and working community. To seamlessly move between the two, many students choose to live in the Academy dorms. This allows students to easily go from studio to dorm at all hours of the day and night and to share living and social spaces with students from all departments. All of our rooms are modestly furnished with XL size twin beds, dressers, and desks; community bathrooms are located on each floor. All dorms have a shared lounge area with cable television and DVD player, and laundry facilities are available for use by dorm residents. Our dorms offer a convenient on-campus home that immerses students in campus life.

Sharing meals at Cranbrook is a long held tradition – from the all-Academy welcome dinner along the Triton Pools to casual lunches around the studio kitchen table. Each department has a kitchen that is the epicenter of the studio, open to all students at the Academy, and used extensively by those who live on campus. Cranbrook also has two dining halls serving three meals a day with wide options for many dietary preferences. Both dining halls are located nearby, only a short walk or bike ride from your studio. And the Cranbrook Institute of Science also offers a small café for all of your coffee and snack needs. A short drive to Downtown Birmingham has many dining options, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and grocery stores to fill in the gap. Meals at Cranbrook are a moment to relax, discuss, collaborate, conspire, and then get back to the studio.

Cranbrook Dining Hall

Cranbrook Dining Hall


Academy Day dinner