2011 Lecture Series

Cranbrook Academy of Art [SPRING] Edition Lecture Series 2011

Christy MacLear, “Leveraging Legacy to Build New Models of Engagement”
Marie Luisa Rossi, “An Evening with Marie Luisa Rossi”
Sonya Clark, “From Hair to There and Everywhere”
Alissia Melka-Teichroew, “Forms and Stories”
Cathy Leff, “The Persuasive Power of Ordinary Objects”
Liza Bear, “Avalanche: A Unique Media Phenomenon and other projects”
Anne Wilson, “Objects and Performances”
Max Lamb, ‘I am a Designer’
Kalup Linzy, “An Evening with Kalup Linzy”
Sarah Margolis-Pineo, “The Valorization of Unrealizability”
rAndom, “’The Behaviour of Objects’”
Zigelbaum + Coelho, “Computational Materials”
Susan Yelavich, “Petrified Curtains, Animate Architecture”
Kate Gilmore, “An Evening with Kate Gilmore”

Cranbrook Academy of Art [FALL] Edition Lecture Series 2011

Richard Deacon, “An Afternoon with Richard Deacon”
Leonardo Drew, “An Afternoon with Leonardo Drew”
Jana Cephas, “Performative Aesthetics”
FILM : !Women Art Revolution
Helen Molesworth, “Dance/Draw”
Dr. Patricia MacCormack, “Inhuman Ecstasies: Feminism, Art and Angelic Monsters”
Paul Sahre, “84th Infantry Monument”
Dr. Kathy Battista, “Renegotiating the Body: Feminist Artists in 1970s London”
Jana Cephas, “Body Politics”
Sue Taylor, “Eva Hesse against the Grain”