2012 Lecture Series

Cranbrook Academy of Art [SPRING] Edition Lecture Series 2012

Mimi Nguyen + Minh-Ha Pham, “Threadbared PDA, Public Displays of Academia/Aesthetics”
Susan Tallman,”There’s No Such Thing as Very Unique”
John Corso, “Foucault on Art, Or, Why Artists and Archivists Make Good Friends”
Nicole Cherubini, “An Evening with Nicole Cherubini”
Julia Bryan-Wilson, “Crisis Craft”
Esther Shalev-Gerz, “An Evening with Esther Shalev-Gerz”
Corin Hewitt, “An Evening with Corin Hewitt”
Damon Murray, “One Definition of Design”
Sande Cohen, “French Theory and Critical Practices Today”
Kenneth Goldsmith, aka Kenny G., “If We Had To Ask for Permission, We Wouldn’t Exist: A Brief History of UbuWeb”
Jeannie Greenberg Rohatyn, “Another Girl, Another Planet’: Thirteen Years Later”
Tejo Remy, “The Work of Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen”
Namita Wiggers, “Performing Craft: The Exhibition as a Site for Theatrical Exchange”

Cranbrook Academy of Art [FALL] Edition Lecture Series 2012

Jon Sueda, “Wide White Space”

Shannon Stratton, “As Form”

Christoph Zellweger, “INCREDIBLES”

Amitis Motevalli, “Presenting: Tah(r)ir Social Club, a project of Everyday Imamzadeh”

Terry R. Myers, “Painting’s Unfinished Business”

Jessica Hemmings, “Introversion and Knitting: Rethinking Solitary Production”

Shannon Stratton, “Auxiliary Motors & Affect Machines”

Susan York, “A Study of Form and Material”

David Adey, “An Evening with David Adey”

Etienne Turpin, “Jimmie Durham in Lascaux: A Parable for Art in the Anthropocene”

Kathy Butterly, “An Evening with Kathy Butterly”