2013 Lecture Series

Cranbrook Academy of Art [FALL] Edition Lecture Series 2013

Leslie Edwards, “Competition, Collaboration, and Connection: Cranbrook in 1939”
Cranbrook Academy of Art Artist-in-Residence Lectures, “The Role of Research” featuring Heather McGill, Anders Ruhwald, Bill Massie, Randy Bolton, Beverly Fishman, Elliott Earls, Iris Eichenberg, Mark Newport, Liz Cohen, Scott Klinker
Craig McDonald, “Alden B. Dow: Midwestern Modern”
Peter Zimmermann, “An Evening with painter Peter Zimmerman”
Rip Rapson, “Ralph Rapson: A Son’s Perspective of a Pioneering Modernist”
Anthony Byrt, “Black Hands: Image, Masquerade and Terror in a Post-9/11 World”
Eric Hill, “Michigan Modern: The National Context”
Dorotheé Dupuis, “TOUGH LOVE: A brief reflection on the troubled relationship between reality and representation”
Dale Gyure,“Serenity and Delight: The Architectural Humanism of Minoru Yamasaki”
Barbara T. Smith, “Clearly”
Alfred Leslie, “An Afternoon with Alfred Leslie and His Films”
Kate Bonansinga , “Art about Place:  Contemporary Curatorial Practice in Two Regional Cities”
Monica Gaspar, “Objectography. Tales and Backups from Daily Life”
Suzan Pitt, “Suzan Pitt: Animation Art”
Anthony Byrt, “Magic Circles: Ghosts, Trauma and Colonial Half-Truths”
Jean Shin, “An Evening with Jean Shin”
Thomas Folk, “Wayland Gregory: Art Deco Ceramics and the Atomic Impulse”
Nina Samuel, “My Brain Is in My Inkstand: Drawing as Thinking and Process”
New Capital (Chelsea Culp and Ben Foch)
“NEW CAPITAL: Whole Life Vitality! Community, Collaboration, Curating, Collecting, Right Now!”
Shannon Stratton, “Skilling/Deskilling”

Cranbrook Academy of Art [SPRING] Edition Lecture Series 2014

Francis Halsall, “Object Oriented Aesthetics and the Re-Materialization of the Art Object”
Laura Mott, “An Ecstatic Introduction: Laura Mott on Practice and Exhibitions”
Shoshanna Resnikoff, “Quite the Pet of Cranbrook”: James Scripps Booth and the Early Car
Matthew Brannon, “Not Not Asking”
William Wegman, “An Afternoon with William Wegman”
Laura Heyman, “And Evening with Laura Heyman”
Brett Littman, “An Afternoon with Brett Littman and Book Launch for “My Brain Is In My Inkstand: Drawing as Thinking and Process”   
Francis Halsall, “Systems Aesthetics”
Josephine Shea and Shoshana Resnikoff, “Waylande Gregory: From Multiples to Monuments”
Nicole Archer, “Hoodwinked”

Francis Halsall, “No Chaos Damn It: Fractals, Nature and Chaos”

Bertjan Pot, “Knoll Lecture in Design”
Lenka Clayton, “An Evening with Lenka Clayton”
Charles Spurrier, “An Evening with Charles Spurrier”
Vanessa Place INC, “Empire Aesethetics: It’s not the point, it’s the platform”
Shary Boyle, “The Projected Body in Porcelain”
Enrico Riley, “An Evening with Enrico Riley”

Shelley Selim, “John Cage: Music, Manuscripts, and Mushrooms, Revisited”

Guna Nadarajan, “An Evening with Guna Nadarajan”

Tony Labat, “I Broke It and I Don’t Care”

Jenni Sorkin, “Ancient Modernisms”