Lecture Series


Photography Artist-in-Residence Liz Cohen

Cranbrook as Ecology

Cranbrook is a living system. Our ecology is dynamic and doesn’t follow a distinct path or linear course, and change can come rapidly or seeded slowly. Our permeable pedagogy means we can to be responsive to what is happening in the fields of contemporary art, design, and architecture. This year, our visitors consider the consequences of globalization on creative practice and social engagement – from issues of cultural homogenization to the politicized body to neo-liberalism – and question how pressure for global cultures and multiple identities fuels the communication of ideas.

All lectures are held in Cranbrook Art Museum’s deSalle Auditorium and are free to ArtMembers and students with identification, and included with Museum admission for the general public. Cranbrook Art Museum is located at 39221 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Upcoming Lectures:

December 13, 7pm
Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte works with objects and materials that are detached from their original function to give them new potential both symbolically and formally. In working with these objects, Da Corte tries to put aside his own touch in order to reveal and locate the previous touches, the objects own story. In Alex Da Corte’s artwork objects can even act as stand-ins for people: they represent another kind of language that we can pair together to create these sentences that turn into poetry.
Sponsored by the Sculpture Department

January 9, 6pm
Claire Tancons

Sponsored by the Fiber Department

January 25, 6pm
Sarah Kirk Hanley

Sponsored by the Print Media Department

January 26, 6pm
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby

Sponsored by the 3D Design Department

January 28, 2pm
Ann Arbor Film Festival Digital Program

Nine new experimental, animated, documentary and narrative videos including Mateusz Sadowski’s Resonance, Winner of the Chris Frayne Best Animated Film Award, and Ralitsa Doncheva’s Baba Dana Talks to the Wolves, Winner of the Eileen Maitland Award for Women’s Voice. The program also features Bisonhead (Elizabeth Lo), The Mess (Peter Burr), The Perpetual Motion of My Love for You (Karen Yasinsky), Love Under Will of the Hags Long Tooth (Mica O’Herlihy), Fundir (Allison Cekala), and not even nothing can be free of ghosts (Ranier Kohlberger).
Sponsored by the Dean’s Office

February 7, 6pm
Kristi McGuire

Sponsored by the Critical Studies and Humanities Program

February 9, 6pm
Manon van Kouswijk

Sponsored by the Metalsmithing Department

February 16, 6pm
Igor Siddiqui

Sponsored by the 3D Design Department

February 21, 6pm
AIR Sabbatical Talks (Mark Newport, Iris Eichenberg, Anders Ruhwald)

Sponsored by the Dean’s Office

March 21, 6pm
Kristi McGuire

Sponsored by the Critical Studies and Humanities Program

March 23, 6pm
Eduardo Navarro

Sponsored by the Print Media Department

April 20, 6pm
Ebony G. Patterson

In her work, the Jamaica-born mixed-media artist Ebony G. Patterson re-contextualizes gender norms and explores Jamaican dancehall culture. Patterson represents the transformations of gender and body politics by blending tapestry, beading, sequins, crochet, and Internet-sourced images of violent murders.
Sponsored by the Fiber Department