Lecture Series


Photography Artist-in-Residence Liz Cohen

Cranbrook as Ecology

Cranbrook is a living system. Our ecology is dynamic and doesn’t follow a distinct path or linear course, and change can come rapidly or seeded slowly. Our permeable pedagogy means we can to be responsive to what is happening in the fields of contemporary art, design, and architecture. This year, our visitors consider the consequences of globalization on creative practice and social engagement – from issues of cultural homogenization to the politicized body to neo-liberalism – and question how pressure for global cultures and multiple identities fuels the communication of ideas.

All lectures are held in Cranbrook Art Museum’s deSalle Auditorium and are free to ArtMembers and students with identification, and included with Museum admission for the general public. Cranbrook Art Museum is located at 39221 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Upcoming Lectures:


September 19, 4pm
Artist-in-Residence Presentations:
Iris Eichenberg (Metalsmithing) + Heather McGill (Sculpture)


September 20, 4pm
Artist-in-Residence Presentations:
Mark Newport (Fiber) + Susan Goethel Campbell (Print Media, Visiting Artist)


September 21, 4pm
Artist-in-Residence Presentations:
Scott Klinker (3D Design) + John Corso (Painting, Visiting Artist)


September 26, 4pm
Artist-in-Residence Presentations:
Elliott Earls (2D Design) + Bill Massie (Architecture)


September 27, 4pm
Artist-in-Residence Presentations:
Anders Ruhwald (Ceramics) + Patrick Rock (Photography, Visiting Artist)


October 4, 6pm
Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Kantilal Patel is an Assistant Professor in Contemporary Art and Theory and Director of the MFA program in the Visual Arts at Florida International University in Miami. His art criticism, curating, and art historical scholarship reflects his queer, anti-racist, and transnational approach to contemporary art. Patel is the current Fall Critical Studies Fellow at Cranbrook.
Sponsored by the Critical Studies and Humanities Program


October 9, 1-4pm
Free Radicals: A Symposium

A special one-day symposium discussing the themes of the current Cranbrook Art Museum exhibition: Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia. Speakers include Andrew Blauvelt, Esther Choi, Richard Newman + Liza Bielby, and Lorraine Wild.
Sponsored by Cranbrook Art Museum


October 26, 6pm
Steven Haulenbeek

Steven Haulenbeek is a Chicago-based industrial designer and artist working in the fields of furniture, lighting, and objects for the home. In his lecture he will discuss the development of an independent design practice.
Sponsored by the 3D Design Department


November 7, 6pm
Alpesh Patel

While serving as Cranbrook Academy of Art’s Fall Critical Studies Fellow, Patel will focus on how globalization tends to overlook how images function within specific sites and times. His lectures will scale down the global to the local and the regional/transregional to examine the production, circulation, and consumption of contemporary art and design.
Sponsored by the Critical Studies and Humanities Program


November 10, 6pm
Ebony G. Patterson

In her work, the Jamaican-born mixed-media artist Ebony G. Patterson re-contextualizes gender norms and explores Jamaican dancehall culture. Patterson represents the transformations of gender and body politics by blending tapestry, beading, sequins, crochet, and Internet-sourced images of violent murders.
Sponsored by the Fiber Department