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Cranbrook Alums Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum Are Part of The Bluestockings Crew

January 17th, 2016

The Knight Foundation featured an article about The Cranbrook Salon’s Bluestockings Crew. The Bluestockings Crew is comprised of a compelling cross section of luminary women from Detroit’s art and cultural scene: Maia Asshaq, founder of DittoDitto; Samantha ‘Banks’ Schefman, co-founder of Playground Detroit; Cranbrook Alums Meaghan Barry (2D’12) and Lilian Crum (2D’12), designers at Unsold Studio; artist Ingrid LaFleur, founder of Afrotopia; and Marsha Philpot, a writer and performer. Members of the Bluestockings Crew will alternate presentations, inviting guests of their choosing to facilitate discussions. For more information about the Bluestockings Crew schedule click here.