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Cave and Faust Create Mural for New York Live Arts

June 6th, 2018

In a special collaboration for New York Live Arts, artists Nick Cave (Fiber ’89) and Bob Faust create a kaleidoscopic mural from one of Cave’s iconic Soundsuits constructed entirely of woven bags collected from around the world. These bags we carry are filled with promise is a through-the-looking-glass interpretation that the baggage we all walk through life with is anything but weighty. From the single source image of Cave’s work, Faust selects and manipulates key details that seem to morph seamlessly into multiple patterns, shape-shifting across the 31 linear feet of lobby wall. The mural acts as a conditioning agent for audiences, preparing them for the performative experience on Live Arts’ mainstage that awaits on the other side.  Nick Cave and Bob Faust is on view through September 2018 in New York City with an opening reception on June 15.