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Conrad Egyir Completes Mural in Detroit

October 19th, 2018

Conrad Egyir (Painting ’18) recently completed the new mural “Mystical Bonds” on view in “the Belt” in downtown Detroit. This is Egyir’s first public work was commissioned by Library Street Collective to coincide with an exhibition he will be opening at the gallery later this year. Egyir’s creative practice draws from a pool of uniquely coded Ghanaian texts and visually based language systems. In an exploration of relationships between his past experiences in Africa and his present residence in the United States, he is drawn to themes that define the past and present, the image and self, and predestination and free will. His practice analyzes the relationships between the semiotics and historicity of these themes as a grappling coalescence of postcolonial upbringing and western higher education.⠀⠀