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Carla Diana Talks to Core77 About 4D Design

March 24th, 2019

Designer-in-Residence Carla Diana recently spoke with Core 77 about Cranbrook’s new 4D Design program, and what makes it different from any other program in the market. “The key difference between 4D Design at Cranbrook and most programs in Product Design is our focus on interactivity and the creative application of technology. And we’re different from most Interaction Design programs in that our projects will be based on object qualities, taking a holistic view of form, light, sound, and motion; many interaction programs have more of a focus on screen and app-based solutions whereas we will emphasize prototyping in the physical world. We will embrace applied robotics but are quite different from robotics programs in that we are at the epicenter of art and design, with a studio-based model. We will place value on the overall concept of projects, looking at how well they relate to the context in which they operate, placing high importance on societal and cultural relevance. Read the full story here.