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Hae Won Sohn Opens Solo Exhibition at Emmanuel Barbault Gallery

January 14th, 2020

Hae Won Sohn (Ceramics ‘18) will open the solo exhibition, Monologue aside, on Friday, January 17, at Emmanuel Barbault Gallery in New York. Emmanual Barbault also published a corresponding catalog for the exhibition.

Monologue aside is an exhibition where the fundamental principles around ceramics act as a direct linear narrative for intervention. Hae Won Sohn’s casted objects align with process-based practices that employ a systematized process. The pieces in the exhibition challenge the method from which artists extract forms by using alternative or counter means found in traditional mold making. The work brings attention to the distinction between process-based ceramics and artists’ methods in which autonomy influences object making.

Hae Won Sohn’s work invokes a clear discernment of practice and familiarity surrounding object making. Sohn’s practice offers the possibility of open and discursive dialogue around artistic modes and non-traditional approaches to traditional materials.

Excerpt from an original essay by Rod Malin. Read the full announcement from Emmanuel Barbault Gallery here.