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Jane Lackey and Thomas Lehn Open Installation at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

March 18th, 2020

Seat of Learning: Jane Lackey and Thomas Lehn, a multimedia and multipronged art installation that investigates time, movement, memory, knowledge and how we learn from material objects recently opened at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art at Ent Center for the Arts, UC Colorado Springs.

The concept originated when the artists found a vintage school desk that encapsulated early learning through its patina, material presence, and history of use.

Through broad-based calls for participation and video interviews, the artists gathered intimate stories and objects from a diverse range of individuals. The immersive installation, a supportive wooden framework stretched with translucent cloth, mirrors the phenomena of layered density or sharp clarity of memory. Video and audio stories reverberate with one another as visitors move through the installation to observe grouped objects, bringing awareness to their potency and what we learn from them over time.