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Cranbrook Academy of Art Alumni Featured in Art Mile Detroit Online Exhibition

July 31st, 2020

The work of more than 30 Cranbrook Academy of Art Alumni and Artists-in-Residence can be viewed in the new Art Mile Detroit online exhibition. Art Mile is a digital art exhibition that champions Detroit’s vibrant and diverse arts community by promoting public programs and online acquisitions.

Organized by Reyes Finn and Cultural Counsel, in partnership with Red Bull Arts, the project presents artwork and programs alongside nearly 60 of Detroit’s local art galleries, institutional non-profits, museums, and artist-run spaces. Artist and curator Jova Lynne (Photography ’17) is among a group of local community members serving on the project’s Advisory Board.

In addition to having artworks featured in the exhibition, Academy alumni are also the entrepreneurs and curators behind these Detroit-area organizations. Ash Arder (Fiber ’18) is a primary member of Fringe Society. BULK Space Artists Residency is run by four alumni, Jova Lynne, Claire Gatto, Sarah Blanchette, and Megan Kelley who all graduated from the Photography department in 2017.

Cranbrook Academy of Art Alumni and Artists-in-Residence with artworks featured:

  • Cranbrook Art Museum: Conrad Egyir (Painting ’18), Nick Cave (Fiber ’89), Marianna Olague (Painting ’19), Ebitenyefa Baralaye (Ceramics ’16), McArthur Binion (Painting ’73)
  • David Klein Gallery: Emmy Bright (Print Media ’16), Susan Goethel Campbell (Printmaking ’89), Marianna Olague (Painting ’19)
  • Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center: Ruth Koelewyn (Metalsmithing ’09)
  • Bulk Space Artist Residency: Laura Gibson (Photography ’20), Sarah Blanchette (Photography ’17), Lorena Cruz (Photography ’17), Ricky Williams (Photography  ’17)
  • Cave Gallery: Jessica Frelinghuysen (Architecture ’06), Heather Anger (Print Media ’10)
  • Hatch Gallery: Christopher Schneider (Photo ’03)
  • Hill Gallery: Addie Langford (Ceramics ’06)
  • Light Box: Chelsea Flowers (Sculpture ’17)
  • M Contemporary Art: Elizabeth Youngblood (Design ’75)
  • Next Space: Nia Cho (3D Design ’15), Joe Parr (3D Design ’19)
  • NORA: Mike Andrews (Sculpture ’04)
  • Paul Kotula Projects: Jason E Carter (Painting ’11), Kathleen McShane (Printmaking ’90), Laith Karmo (Ceramics ’06)
  • Playground Detroit: Laura Gibson (Photography ’20)
  • Popps Packing: Christian Tedeschi (Ceramics ’01)
  • Reyes Finn – James Benjamin Franklin (Painting ’17)
  • Scarab Club: Elizabeth Youngblood (Design ’75)
  • Southfield: Taylor Stewart (Painting ’20)
  • Shylo Arts: Marcellus Armstrong (Fiber ’17), Clare Gatto (Photography ’17), Jova Lynne (Photography ’17), Sara Nishikawa (Ceramics ’17), Alberte Tranberg (Metalsmithing ’18), Meg Kelley (Photography ’17)
  • Simone DeSousa Gallery: Jova Lynne (Photography ’17), Megan Heeres (Fiber ’09), Iris Eichenberg (Metalsmithing Artist-in-Residence)
  • Wayne State Art Collection: Shiva Ahmadi (Painting ’05)
  • Unit 1: 3583 Dubois: Anders Ruhwald (Former Ceramics Artist-in-Residence ’08-’17)
  • Special Art Mile Exhibition ARTWORK: co-curated by Jova Lynne (Photo ’17). Academy alumni featured include Jose Arevinar-Gomez (Ceramics ’18), Jetshri Bhadviya (Photo ’16), Lorena Cruz (Photo ’19), Chelsea Flowers (Sculpture ’17), Shelly McMahon (Metalsmithing ’17), Wade Tullier (Ceramics ’17).


Cranbrook Academy of Art Alumni in Art Mile News:

  • Detroit Free Press announces Art Mile project participants and advisors including Jova Lynne (Photography ’17).
  • Women’s Wear Daily features Art Mile including works by Ricky Williams (Photography ’17), Conrad Egyir (Painting ’18), and Jova Lynne (Photography ’17).