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Carla Diana Tells Core77 How to Get Accepted to Cranbrook's 4D Design Program

October 8th, 2020
Jerry Li, figure wearing visor with red LED heart lights

Jerry Li, Emotional Hat Prototype, 2020

The 4D Design program at Cranbrook Academy of Art is featured in Core77’s “Getting Accepted” series, providing insight about applying to the best design programs across the United States. Designer-in-Residence and 4D Design program founder, Carla Diana, describes the ideal student and how she intends for MFA candidates in 4D design to explore and develop.

“What would make a great 4D grad student is someone who is more focused on pushing ideas forward than they are focused on tools and techniques. Because the passion around the idea will drive you to learn the tools and techniques that you need to express a given idea.” -Carla Diana

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