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Aaron Patrick Decker's Solo Exhibition 'it's (not) all fun and games' opens at Ornamentum Gallery in New York

July 1st, 2021

Aaron Decker, fool me twice, 2021, demi-parure (necklace, keychain), enamel, silver, copper, nickel
Necklace Length : 38″, Grey Pendant : 4.5x3x2.5″, Enamel Pendant : 4x3x2″

Aaron Decker: it’s (not) all fun and games, a new solo exhibition featuring new works by Aaron Decker (Metalsmithing ’15) is on view June 19th through July 18th, 2021 at Ornamentum Gallery in New York.

Enameled grimaces, floppy fish, and medieval maces clip together assembling necklaces, brooches, and lockets in the newest works by Aaron Patrick Decker in it’s (not) all fun and games. This body of work is inspired by difficult experiences growing up queer in a military household, Decker skillfully sources and recontextualizes those memories into jewelry. Each piece its own micro-narrative with titles such as “Mace Face”, “Cut My Teeth”, and “Luke, a Flying Fish”, these new enamels combine a deep curiosity for the material and its history in military medals and regalia with the fascination of toys and play to make pieces that come apart, and reconfigure into an array of different wearable possibilities. More toy than jewelry, these new wearable works by Decker are a strong and confident turn in the artist’s practice

Aaron Decker’s works can be found in many distinguished collections, including the recent acquisition of several pieces by the Enamel Arts Foundation.