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Thomas Mueller Opens New Solo Exhibition at La Sierra University

November 18th, 2021

A ceramic sculpture sits on wooden parquet flooring in a gallery space with grey walls. The sculpture is made up of multiple ceramics pieces in white, that form the words "no here" in three-dimensional Helvetica font. Several smaller white and black ceramic pieces that look like a broken "w" are scattered in between the letters "no" and "here".Thomas Mueller (Ceramics ’98) has a new solo exhibition at La Sierra University’s Brandstater Gallery in Riverside, California. “Thomas Müller: Seeing the Elephant”, featuring both ceramics and other media, is on view through November 18, 2021.

Mueller notes that he is, “interested in phrases …that have double meanings or implications.” His ceramic works incorporate three-dimensional Helvetica font forming various phrases. His practice transcends any one discipline, crossing ceramics, sculpture, installation, design, writing and performance.

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