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Cleon Peterson's Illustration Among The New York Times' Most Memorable of 2021

January 6th, 2022
A black, red, and white graphic illustration by Cleon Peterson. On the left, a figure in red suit holds up a finger. On the right, a figure in a white labcoat holds up a syringe squirting a small amount of liquid. In the background, a figure in black robe hits a hammer on a brick podium. A smaller black figure in shackles standing front of the brick podium.

Illustration by Cleon Peterson for The New York Times

An illustration by Cleon Peterson (2D Design ’06) is among The New York Times’ Most Memorable Illustrations of 2021. The illustration was commissioned for an article by OPinion writer Elizabeth Bruenig titled ‘The Government Has Not Explained How These 13 People Were selected to Die’. The article argues for the end of the federal death penalty, connecting to the themes of violence and societal issues that are prevalent in the majority of Peterson’s work.

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