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Jeanine Centuori Fosters Civic Engagement As Director of Woodbury’s Agency for Civic Engagement

March 1st, 2022

Bowtie Project. Image courtesy of ACE/Woodbury School of Architecture.

Jeanine Centuori’s (Architecture ’91) civic engagement architecture work at Woodbury University’s School of Architecture was recently featured in Archinect. Centuori is the Director of the school’s Agency for Civic Engagement (ACE) program which uses a multidisciplinary approach to designing for the public.

An example of ACE’s commitment to blending civic engagement through their programs is the Bowtie Project, where the ACE architecture studio worked with California State Parks and Clockshop to design structures spread across the grounds for seating and public use.

“These [public] projects are fascinating because it’s about the people, psychology, public beauty, public sculpture, etc. Every day, people deserve these acts of beauty, these aesthetic experiences.” – Jeanine Centuori

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