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Sustainability, Climate Change Addressed in Jeff Schofield and Madelaine Corbine's Work

April 19th, 2022

Large scale installation by Jeff Schofield. The material is from a 19th century barn that had stood for more than 100 years before climate change impacted it.

Cranbrook Academy of Art alumni Jeff Schofield (Sculpture ’19) and Madelaine Corbin (Fiber ’20) were recently featured in the Detroit News for their practices based on sustainability, climate change, and the natural environment.

Schofield is known for his use of found material in his large installations. Schofield worked as an architect for 35 years in Paris and Dubai before taking his art practice full-time. Schofield has created large installation sculptures from razed barns, burned branches from Michigan forest fires, and weeds and plants from near his home in Pontiac, MI. His installation explores the impact of humans on nature and vice-versa.

Corbin, a recent Fulbright scholar awardee, combines fiber, installation, sculpture, writing, and drawing to examine land, climate, and human connection to the environment.


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