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Willie Wayne Smith Opens New In-Depth Virtual Solo Exhibition

November 18th, 2022

Willie Wayne Smith in his studio. Courtesy Library Street Collective.

Co-head of Painting, Willie Wayne Smith, recently opened a new virtual solo exhibition with Library Street Collective (LSC) in Detroit, MI. Anatomy: Willie Wayne Smith delves into Smith’s practice and influences in an available-anywhere format. You’ll find descriptions of Smith’s work, personal photos, videos, discussions, and more within the online experience.

Anatomy: Willie Wayne Smith includes conversations with artist Matthew Day Jackson, and artist/curator, Andrew Paul Woodwright. If you’re interested in Smith’s interests and influences, scroll through for their Spotify playlist and reading list.

Willie Wayne Smith, Just Breaking the Surface, 2022. Acrylic and airbrushed acrylic on canvas. 46h x 60w in

LSC’s Anatomy platform dives into an artist’s practice through the lens of their studio. The presentations provide a glimpse into their background and work through a multimedia tour including video, audio, imagery, and conversations. Academy alumni G.E. Liu (MFA Painting 2020) and Natalie Wadlington (MFA Painting 2020) have also been featured in the Anatomy series.

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