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Ian Miller Virtual Exhibition Featured on Contemporary Art Library

February 2nd, 2023

Ian Miller’s (MFA Painting 2022) exhibition Snow Show at Freddy, Harris NY can be viewed online via the Contemporary Art Library. The exhibition was staged on January 23rd, 2023 during a snowstorm. Viewers can experience the exhibition via photos and video, the virtual experience being as important to Miller as the original installation.

In the show’s press release Alivia Zivich (MFA Print Media 2021) says, “in photographs of the show, the white sky, white painted board structure and white snow-covered ground aptly mimic the interior of a gallery space, erasing details in the same way the repetitive cartoon imagery in the paintings negate the details of realism for simplistic gestures that economically communicate information.”

Ian Miller Snow Show exhibition view. Images courtesy of Freddy, Harris. Photos by Katya Kirilloff.

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