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Carla Diana, Head of 4D Design, talks AI and Design Ethics with PRINT Magazine

April 18th, 2023

Carla Diana (MFA 3D Design 2000), Head of 4D Design and Designer-in-Residence at Cranbrook Academy of Art, was interviewed recently by Steven Heller for PRINT Magazine about Artificial Intelligence (AI), design ethics, and the 4D Design program.

In the article, Diana highlights the exciting potential of AI in design, such as the ability to automate tasks and enhance creativity. However, she also raises some important ethical concerns, particularly around the impact of AI on our society and the responsibility of designers to create ethical AI systems. She argues that as designers, we must be conscious of the potential biases and implications of our AI creations and consider the broader implications for our society.

Diana also describes how she incororates opportunities for students to explore AI in their work. For example, Diana regularly invites visitors to the department to work directly with students. These visitors include Ray L.C. from City University of Hong Kong who ran a workshop for students in Stable Diffusion and Google ATAP’s Timi Oyedeji who worked with students to use Machine Learning to interpret human gesture as part of design systems.


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