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Melissa Webb Featured in Colossal

September 29th, 2023

“Lichenvision: Leaf Litter Living Room, Lakeside Home, and Zoom Date” (2021), 14 x 12 x 10 feet. Photo by Brian Kovach. All images © Melissa Webb, shared with permission

Melissa Webb (MFA Fiber 2021) was recently featured in Colossal magazine, highlighting her unique work, in which she, “dyes and crochets vintage fibers into mossy, botanical forms that when layered and stitched together, become enchanting installations evocative of forests and gardens. Shades of green tend to dominate the textile ecosystems as a nod to ‘growth, verdancy, and inevitable change,’ Webb says. ‘Through my work, I imagine a reclamation of the earth by wildness—a less human-centered future where we learn to live and thrive in symbiosis with the natural world.’”

Webb is currently in progress on an installation at The Mill in Vicksburg, Michigan, and recently co-curated the exhibition Mending the Net with Kit Parks for Detroit Month of Design, which is on view through September 28. Explore more of her works on her site and Instagram.

Read the full story in Colossal HERE.