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Artsy Dives Into Alum Rosalind Tallmadge's Luminous Paintings

April 1st, 2024

Rosalind Tallmadge, Light Field, 2024.

Rosalind Tallmadge’s (MFA Painting 2015) silvered mica paintings featured by Artsy are currently on view in her debut solo exhibition with Carvalho Park in Brooklyn, New York. Aether features eight recent works including a suspended site-specific installation.

Tallmadge’s palette of delicate materials, continuously explored in her practice, shape her elemental works. Each is transformed through the passage of time, light and shadow, and space. The otherworldly works in Aether utilize selenite crystal, glass, mica, Japanese organza. Central to the exhibition is the site-specific installation, a dreamy, veiled portal, “embodying the membranous traits of æther itself.”

Rosalind Tallmadge: Aether will be on view through May 4, 2024.

A selection of Tallmadge’s works will also be on view at upcoming Expo Chicago 2024 with David Klein Gallery.


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