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Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw Install 65-Foot Hot Dog in NYC

May 8th, 2024

Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw. Courtesy The New York Times. Photo Credit: Lanna Apisukh for The New York Times.

Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw (both MFA Sculpture 2009) recently installed “Hot Dog in the City,” a 65-foot sculpture, in the heart of Times Square in New York City. Commissioned by Times Square Arts, the sculpture will be in place from April 30 through June 13, 2024. A full animatronic installation, the hot dog shoots confetti into the air every day at noon. The location will also serve as an anchor location for talks, performances, and debates. Some of the scheduled events include: Condiment Wars: A Wrestling Match featuring EWA and Choke Hole, The Hottest Dog Show: A Canine Beauty Pageant with AKC Museum of the Dog, and a hot dog eating contest with Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and Major League Eating.

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