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Mie Kongo and Japeth Mennes Open Two-Person Exhibition at Left Field Gallery

June 17th, 2024

Exhibition view of Remedy at Left Field Gallery, 2024.

A two-person exhibition featuring Mie Kongo (MFA Ceramics 2008) and Japeth Mennes (MFA Painting 2004) recently opened at Left Field Gallery in Los Osos, CA. Remedy is on view through August 4, 2024.

“Nothing is created in a vacuum. True growth comes from interaction, give and take, and the constant conversation between one’s inner self and the
cacophonous world outside. In Remedy, Japeth Mennes and Mie Kongo parse the banal, the everyday, raw materials, and detached imagery into
personal treatises on object relationships and observation. Both practices hinge upon a modicum of spontaneity where external stimuli act as catalysts for fastidious design and meticulous workmanship.

Whether sculpting or painting, each artist embraces the creative process as a way to understand and appreciate objects, materials, images, and ultimately the methods themselves. Mennes grapples with borrowed motifs in graphic immediacy while Kongo asks for a reexamination of simple components. Both reward our careful gaze with new connections and subtleties that allow the greater world to enter a private space made specifically for rumination and reflection.”


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