Student Services

The Student Services staff at Cranbrook Academy of Art is committed to providing applicants, students, and graduates with personalized service. Contact the appropriate staff member with any questions or concerns.

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Academic Calendar

To view the 2017-2018 academic calendar, please click here: 2017-2018 Academic Calendar.

Academic Transcripts

To request a transcript, please click here: Request a Transcript. Please contact the Academy Office (caaadmissions@cranbrook.edu or 248-645-3300) with questions.

Student Enrollment Verification

Students may obtain verification of enrollment by contacting Leslie Tobakos, Registrar, Financial Aid & Admissions Manager (248-645-3360) or Vanessa Lucero Mazei, Student Services Manager, Admissions Coordinator + Assistant Registrar (248-645-3306).

Withdrawals, Refunds and Return of Title IV Funds

Students wishing to withdraw from the Academy must inform Leslie Tobakos, Registrar, Financial Aid & Admissions Manager (248-645-3360) in writing.  Click here for the Academy’s Withdrawal, Refund, and Return of Title IV Funds policies.

Withdrawal from an Elective:  Students may withdraw from an elective by completing a withdrawal form in the Administration Office by Friday of the 6th week of the term.  A student who submits a withdrawal request before the deadline will receive a grade of Withdrew.

Student Loan Deferment Request Forms

Students with private student loans and federal Perkins loans will need to complete annual deferment forms if they wish to postpone repayment while in school. Forms cannot be completed in advance of the student’s first semester of school; call the loan servicer(s) to inform them of the first day of class. Deferment forms may be submitted to Leslie Tobakos, Registrar, Financial Aid & Admissions Manager (248-645-3360), for processing. Students with federal loans other than Perkins loans do not need to complete deferment request forms, although incoming students should contact their servicer(s) to inform them of the first day of class. Enrollment will be reported to federal loan servicers through the National Student Loan Database System once school begins.

International Student Services

Leslie Tobakos, Registrar, Financial Aid & Admissions Manager (248-645-3360), processes student visa requests and maintains student data in the federal reporting system (SEVIS). Vanessa Lucero Mazei, Student Services Manager, Admissions Coordinator + Assistant Registrar (248-645-3306), serves as the day-to-day liaison with international students; she oversees several current Academy students who serve as international student peer advisors. Students seeking Optional Practical Training (OPT) while students at the Academy will receive appropriate instructions annually at a meeting that will be announced via Hotline. Students at the Academy are not eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Please click International Students  for information specific to our international student population.

Veterans Services

Cranbrook Academy of Art is authorized to receive veterans educational benefits. Veterans educational benefits are coordinated by Leslie Tobakos, Registrar, Financial Aid & Admissions Manager (248-645-3360); please contact Leslie for assistance with and questions about using veterans educational benefits at the Academy. The Academy does not maintain a formal office of veteran’s services.

Click on the Veterans Information Bulletin for Academy information of particular interest to students receiving VA benefits.

Career Services

The Academy offers several resources to help students prepare for careers after graduate school. A full listing of the Professional Practices program is posted for current students each year on the Intranet. The program includes presentations, workshops, and classes offered throughout the year. The Academy Library maintains position announcements and job information that has been sent to the Academy, and relevant information is posted on the Intranet, posted in Hotline, and sometimes shared on the Academy’s Facebook page. Students who wish to teach are encouraged to join the College Art Association. Extensive consultation between each Department Head and his/her students regarding career goals is done on an ongoing basis. Please note that because we do not have undergraduate programs, the Academy is not required to and does not publish statistics regarding graduate jobs or salaries.


Mental Health Counseling Services

The Academy contracts with a local agency to provide counseling services for our students at various locations off-campus. Students are provided with 5 counseling visits per academic year at no charge; additional visits are available at a reduced fee. Students should consult the Student Handbook for contact information for counseling services. A local crisis intervention center, Common Ground, is also available to students who need help with an immediate crisis or a referral. On-campus counseling services are not available. Please contact Vanessa Lucero Mazei, Student Services Manager, Admissions Coordinator + Assistant Registrar  (248-645-3306), with questions regarding mental health services.

Student Health Services

Student health services are not available on campus. All students are required to have health insurance, and a number of health care providers and facilities are located within a few miles of the Academy.

Food Services

A kitchen for student use is located in each department. All-you-care-to-eat meals are available in two dining halls on campus at a cost of $5 (plus tax) per meal; discounted prepaid meal cards area available in advance in the CAA Office (5 meals/$20). In addition, a café is available on campus at the Cranbrook Institute of Science and a vending machine is available to students in the Central Media Lab.

On-Campus Exercise Facilities

The Academy is located within the Cranbrook Educational Community, which includes a prekindergarten through 12th grade school system (The Schools). The Schools offer Academy students limited access to their exercise facilities, including the use of an ice skating rink (bring your own skates) and a swimming pool. In addition, our beautiful campus provides unlimited opportunities for walking, running, biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.

Student-Centered Services

  • Studio Council: Student activities and concerns are handled by Studio Council, comprised by a group of delegates from each department. The group administers the student activities budget, plans for student social events, and resolves issues of concern to students. Vanessa Lucero Mazei,Student Services Manager, Admissions Coordinator + Assistant Registrar  (248-645-3306), is the administrative liaison for Studio Council.
  • Forum Gallery: Forum Gallery, a section in the Cranbrook Art Museum allocated for student exhibitions, is a student gallery space managed by student coordinators appointed by Studio Council. All students are encouraged to participate in Forum Gallery activities, to make show proposals, and to act as jurors.
  • Student Lounge: The Student Lounge serves as a gathering space for students to meet, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Compliance

Cranbrook Academy of Art will seek to assist students with disabilities to the extent possible, given building, staffing, and monetary restrictions and will comply with federal and state law as required. Students with disabilities may contact Vanessa Lucero Mazei, Student Services Manager, Admissions Coordinator + Assistant Registrar (248-645-3306), to discuss their individual needs.