Academic Resources & Facilities

Academic Resources & Facilities

Technology, Tools and Supplies to Elevate Your Artistic Practice

The Academy is dedicated to providing a studio-based education where the central activity is making. The Academy believes in traditional and technological forms and philosophies of making work. Students will find support whether they are making art by hand or digitally.

To support our MFA and MArch candidates’ work, the Academy maintains a Central Media Lab and a Central Materials Lab. Both areas are centrally managed and open to all students, regardless of their primary department. Staff members and student assistants are on hand to help students with the safe use of and education about the equipment and software. The two CMLs are hubs of the Academy’s interdisciplinary activity – students work side-by-side on a variety of projects with different levels of experience and approach, creating a natural atmosphere of exchange.

In addition to the two CMLs additional labs and tools are available across our department spaces. Department-managed labs and resources are available to students depending on open hours, skill level/training, etc.

Extended Resources List
Central Media Lab
Central Materials Lab
Print Lab
4D Equipment Lab and Mixed Reality Lab