Professional Practice Program

Professional Practices (600x400)

Professional Practices

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Professional Practice Program at Cranbrook Academy of Art

At the Academy, all of our work is professional practice. While you’ll spend two years in an intense community of artists and designers working together, Cranbrook isn’t a break from professional life. Rather, it’s a testing ground to build the foundation for the life you want after graduate school. True, you get to chart your own course here, but we expect that our graduates will continue to do this after they leave the Academy. So, every critique, every dinner with a visiting artist, every cocktail party with collectors is professional preparation. At the Academy, work and life are truly integrated.

Still, you may need help learning the things you don’t yet know. The Professional Practice program at the Academy is open to all students and is designed to offer skills and knowledge for your work at Cranbrook and in the years after graduation.  The program offers a range of workshops and discussions, including introductions to equipment and technology, seminars related to finding jobs, applying for residencies, and even local tours and guides of available resources. The programs are developed and implemented by our staff, alumni and visitors. And while we offer a set of fixed sessions scheduled throughout the year, the program also responds to current student need with pop-up sessions when an interest arises. Attendance at any of these sessions is optional; we invite you to join what is helpful to you.