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Influential Designers and Designs of the Past 33 Years by “HOW Design” Includes Cranbrook Graduates

Cranbrook in this round-up from HOW Design magazine, including a poster designed by Artist-in-Residence Katherine McCoy, a profile of Nancy Skolos (Design 77) and Thomas Wedell (Photography ’76).

Skolos and Wedell Awarded 2017 AIGA Medal

In 2017, Nancy Skolos (BFA Design ’77) and Thomas Wedell (Photography ’77) were awarded a 2017 AIGA Medal, joining a long list of Academy alumni who have received the prestigious award. In 2016, Gere Kavanaugh (Design ’56) was given an award, joining 10 Cranbrook alumni who have set standards of excellence over a lifetime of work or have made individual contributions to innovation within the practice of design. Cranbrook winners include: Lucille Tenazas (Design ’81), Steve Frykholm (Design ’69), Ed Fella (Design ’87), Lorraine Wild (Design ’82), Meredith Davis ([…]