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2020 Pophouse Fellow Designs for Empathy in Future Office Environments

October 12th, 2020

several organic functional art sculpturesPophouse, a Detroit-based interior design studio focused on designing strategic, human-centric spaces, has partnered with Cranbrook Academy of Art to create fellowships for current students in the 3D Design department.

Forrest Hudes is the 2020 Pophouse Fellow worked virtually with the Pophouse team to create a product concept entitled the “Feelings Processing Center 3000,”designed to help people embrace and process emotions in future office environments.

In October 2020, Pophouse presented a virtual gathering to showcase the work of several designers considering the role of office interior design in supporting people’s emotional needs at work.

Read more about all the projects including Hudes’ work in “The Future is Feelings” virtual presentation from Pophouse here.