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Alum Dee Clements A Rising Star in Weaving in Architectural Digest

May 31st, 2023

Dee Clements of Studio Herron with an array of new woven pieces and works in progress in her Chicago Studio. Photo: Kevin J. Miyazaki

Dee Clements (MFA 3D Design 2020) is featured in the June issue of Architectural Digest as a ‘Rising Star’ in weaving. Clements is known for her sculptural basketry, made from traditional and contemporary materials.

On June 1, 2023, Clements opens a solo exhibition featuring all new work, The Future has an Ancient Heart, at Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami, FL. The works, created in the last three years are the result of her exploration of conceptual weaving, and her desire to “shake up the language of basketry.” The exhibition will be on view through July 29, 2023.

Clements’ practice and the direction of this new work is driven by her interests in both the history and future of craft and its relation to our culture. Of her inspiration, she says, “Craft reveals rich connections between people, materials, objects and culture. I am endlessly interested in the ethnography of objects, feminism and the origins of patriarchy. These are social lenses that drive my practice. The lineage of weaving is one that every culture in the world has a relationship with. It is undeniably one of the most ubiquitous crafts known worldwide. The first interlacements of fibers date back to 34,000 years ago, used as vessel like-structures to hold foraged food. Weaving is a coded language of ingenuity, tactility, utility. It is a craft that defines the human impetus to innovate and create.”

Dee Clements, Woman Seated, 2023, Reed, dye, gouache paint, spray paint, ceramic, polyurethane, 35” h x 29” dia.

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