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He Wei's Exhibition "Curiosity Leads the Way Through Seasons" Featured on China Daily

September 30th, 2023

A young visitor poses for a photo at the exhibition of ancient Chinese wisdom about time. Courtesy China Daily.

He Wei’s (MFA 3D Design 2014) recently opened exhibition, Curiosity Leads the Way Through Seasons, at the Tianning No 1 Cultural and Technological Innovation Park in Beijing’s Xicheng district intends that viewers will feel the intangibility of time through its installations featuring screens displaying animations of animals and plants interacting through the changing seasons.

The show also features handmade elements and a VR experience for visitors to immerse themselves in intangible cultural heritage related to the Year of the Rabbit. The VR experience is a virtual moon palace, offering a contemporary interpretation of the ancient capital’s moon-worshipping ceremony.

The exhibition’s many elements are a product of a creative team led by He, who meticulously arranged the details to keep visitors engaged throughout their experience, an important facet of his artistic practice. He first studied environmental art at the Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, and pursued virtual museum studies at Tsinghua for his MFA. He then came to Cranbrook Academy of Art for his second MFA where he was able to gain more insight into social practice and became more focused on differences in the expression of content between Eastern and Western cultures.

Of his practice He says, “Specifically, I employed cross-media methods, integrating a comprehensive range of elements such as programming, design, installations, food, and theatrical performances.”

Curiosity Leads the Way Through Seasons will be on view through October 4, 2023.


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