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Dessislava Terzieva Opens New Solo Exhibition at Sarieva Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria

June 14th, 2024

Sarieva Gallery at DOT Sofia opened a new solo exhibition by Dessislava Terzieva (MFA Sculpture 2021) on June 14, 2024. “между другото” (in between the other) features multiple works by Terzieva created on-site with found objects and material from Mexico and Detroit to Sofia, locations where she has been living since graduating from the Academy in 2021.

Terzieva’s works employ collage, painting, sculpture, installation, and performance, are autobiographical but also refer to globalized reality, migration, and mass commerce. The resulting objects have a playful quality, objects taken out of domestic context take on different meanings, tell stories, and inspire curiosity.

About her process of collection and site-specific creation she says, “I’m like a sponge – I collect materials and visual inspiration wherever I go. Over large periods of time, I explore the subtle differences and the universal similarities between places, cultures, people. And when the right moments comes, I squeeze everything out of me. Although it happens quickly, this working process is deliberate, intuitive and boils down to an attempt to tap into the psychic energy which ultimately indicates when a particular artwork is completed. The results are both amusing and sentimental, delicate, yet also deep.”

In 2021, Terzieva received the Cranbrook Art Museum Purchase Award, and her work from the 2024 Graduate Degree Exhibition became a part of the museum’s permanent collection. She was also featured in Cranbrook Art Museum’s 2022 exhibition, Homebody, featuring the work of 20 Detroit-based artists, exploring their interpretations of the word ‘home’ and the complex feelings it evokes.


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