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Alumni Collaboration Studio Oong is Top DesignMilk TV Milkshake Episode of 2022

February 2nd, 2023

Studio.Oong’s Chandelier, Reflections from the Other World collection

Joonghan Bae (MFA 3D Design 2020) and Jin Namgoong (MFA Metalsmithing 2019), founders of Studio.Oong were featured by Design/Milk in 2022, their interview was the most popular DMTV Milkshake episode of 2022. Joonghan and Jin met at Cranbrook Academy of Art and are currently based in New York City.

Design/Milk featured their Chandelier, a design they first explored at the Academy. Chandelier is made up of luminous, amorphous shapes that can rearranged, Jin and Joonghan noted it was inspired by an asteroid belt. They said, “These pieces are at once part of our own world and separate from it. They have one foot in the fantastical, so they might inspire us in the real world.”

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