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Artsy Addresses Women Artists Reimagining Cubism, Including Akea Brionne

March 7th, 2024

Portrait of Akea Brionne in the studio, 2023. Photo by PD Rearick. Courtesy of the artist and Library Street Collective.

Akea Brionne (MFA Photography 2023) was featured in Artsy’s look at women artists who are rethinking Cubsim and the body.

Artsy described the trend of utilizing Cubism’s disjointed forms ” is perhaps unsurprising considering our current crisis of representation, defined by the failure of the government to represent the governed, media to present factual accounts of events, and culture to integrate diverse perspectives in a holistic way.”

Brionne is a mixed-media artist addressing the exclusivity of art historical canon considering colonial systems, storytelling, identity, and assimilation. Through her works she portrays her lineage by exploring her dreams, family lore, and imagination. Cubism’s fractured nature suits Brionne’s view on our relationships to spaces and challenging traditional representations of those spaces. She says” It’s like how you can be in a different place in your mind than you are in real life, and somehow you are fully in both simultaneously.”


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