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Scholarships & Fellowships

Cranbrook Academy of Art is committed to helping MFA and MArch candidates finance their education. Fellowships and scholarships are available that provide various amounts of support including full-tuition opportunities.

All admitted students are considered for financial aid. Certain fellowships or scholarships may require specific additional application submissions or require specific qualifications.

In addition to fellowships and scholarships, work-study and other opportunities may be available across the Cranbrook Educational Community.

Gilbert Fellowships

In 2021, Jennifer and Dan Gilbert established the Gilbert Fellowships that will provide up to ten full-tuition scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds.

The Gilbert Fellowship aims to create a more diverse and equitable community by removing financial barriers to graduate art and design education and bringing voices to Cranbrook that represent the world in which we live. In addition to tuition support, the Gilbert Fellows will be part of a supportive cohort that will have opportunities to collaborate, participate, and engage in special projects and initiatives in Detroit and surrounding communities.

Sophia Wojnovich, 2021


At Cranbrook Academy of Art, more than eighty percent of our student body receives some form of financial aid or scholarships. These awards are selected on an individual basis from the pool of students who have submitted applications for admission.

Scholarships, Awards, Core Needs Support

Endowed Scholarships  

 Don C. Albinson Scholarship  

 Arkitektura – Andrew Fisher ’86 Scholarship  

 Nita “Billie” Barak Memorial Scholarship  

 Martha Birmingham Memorial Scholarship  

 Lois and Tom Booth Scholarship  

 Ellen N. Booth Scholarship  

 Kass Bradley Scholarship in Design  

 Warren and Margot Coville Scholarship  

 Robert H. Daisley Memorial  

 Marvin and Betty Danto Scholarship  

 Mary Denison Scholarship  

 Ray and Charles Eames Scholarship  

 Flint Family Scholarship  

 George R. Francoeur and Gerald A. Earles Fund 

 Robert P. Gersin Scholarship 

 Elizabeth Hughes Gossett Scholarship  

 Gary S. and Patricia J. Griffin Scholarship in Metalsmithing  

 Helen R. Griffin Scholarship 

 Patricia C. Hartmann Scholarship  

Tony Hepburn Scholarship * 

Walter P. Hickey Scholarship 

 Jerome Family Scholarship  

Ernest A. Jones Scholarship  

 Gere Kavanaugh Scholarship  

 Margueritte Kimball Scholarship  

 Gerhardt Knodel Scholarship  

 Florence Knoll Scholarship in Design  

 Howard Kottler Memorial Scholarship in Ceramics  

 Sidney Lapidus  

 Jaymes B. Leahy CAA’ 90 Scholarship  

 Carl and Olga Milles Scholarship 

 Harry E. Ormston Architecture Scholarship  

 Sina Pearson Scholarship  

 Mary Walker Phillips Scholarship  

 Eleanor E. Poplack Scholarship  

 Ruth and Louis G. Redstone Scholarship  

 Jane Aistrope Rider Scholarship 

 Leslie Rose Scholarship  

 Saarinen Family Merit Scholarship  

 Robert D. Sailors Scholarship 

 Mary Shizue and Hatsue Shigetomi Scholarship 

 Carol Goldrath-Small Memorial Scholarship  

 Edith Smilack Scholarship  

 Alvin B. Spector Scholarship  

 Burton B. Staniar Scholarship  

 Julia Reyes Taubman Scholarship  

 Lenore G. Tawney Scholarship  

 Ernest Toth Scholarship  

 Lucy Ann Warner Scholarship 

 George Thomas Williams Scholarship  

 Vern and Evie Wheat Scholarship 

 Women’s Committee Scholarship  

 David R. Zimmerman Scholarship 

 George Zonars Memorial Scholarship  


Award and Prize Funds 

Meredith Beau CAA ’97 and Scott Beau Endowed Materials Fund 

Robert C. Larson Venture Fund  


 Funds for Core Needs 

 Ellen N. Booth Fund  

 Flora M. Burt International Fund 

 Niels Diffrient Professional Development Fund 

 Albert and Peggy de Salle Metalsmithing Fund 

 William Hawkins Ferry Endowment Fund 

 Pauline Hepburn Ceramics Travel Fund  

 Pat Howe/Lester Johnson Fund 

 Edgar Kimball Trust Endowment Fund 

 Robert F. Swanson Rare Books Fund

 Taubman Academy Endowment Fund 

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