2023-2024 Gilbert Fellows in the New Studios building at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Image: First row: Christopher Salas, Kelly Chuning (in red), Akea Brionne (in orange). Second row: Walker Walls-Tarver, Dalila Sanabria. Third row: Kevin Cendejas, Yasmeen Nematt Alla. Fourth row: Delia Touche, Rachel Thomas (center, in black and white). George Perez. Fifth row: Luis Quintanilla, Rebecca Pedley. Sixth row: Rashaun Rucker, Reuben Telushkin. Not pictured: Jae Song, Olivia Guterson. Photo by PD Rearick.



Gilbert Fellows

Since 2021, up to 10 Gilbert Fellows have been named each year, each receiving a full-tuition fellowship to pursue their studies at the Academy.

The fellowships are part of a $30 million gift from the Gilbert Family Foundation given to Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2021 to accelerate the school’s efforts surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Students are considered for a fellowship at the time of their application. They must submit a short description of why this fellowship would help them achieve a graduate degree. In all cases, the students would likely not have been able to pursue their MFA and MArch without this assistance.

Learn more about each of our current Gilbert Fellows below.

Gilbert Fellows - Classes of 2024 and 2025
Christina Baudin (Fiber 2025)
Myiesha Gordon Beales (Ceramics 2025)
Fenelon Diaz (Architecture 2025)
Nomaki Etsu (3D Design 2025)
Olivia Guterson (Painting 2024)
Savannah Jackson (Photography 2025)
Sehrish Hussain(Print Media 2025)
Sophia Moreno (2D Design 2025)
Yasmeen Nematt Alla (Sculpture 2024)
Benita Nnachortam (Photography 2025)
Mario Cuellar (Sculpture 2025)
Rebecca Pedley (3D Design 2024)
Luis Quintanilla (2D Design 2024)
Joshua Rainer (Painting 2025)
Rashaun Rucker (Print Media 2024)
Kelly Tapìa-Chuning (Fiber 2024)
Reuben Telushkin (4D Design 2024)
Rachel Thomas (Photography 2024)
Kesiena Wanogho (4D Design 2025)

“I want to live a creative life in every facet. Most importantly, it comes down to being in the studio creating, there are no magic elves in my studio, the artist must work; and in the utopic dreamscape that is Cranbrook you can feel the energy to create...”

Past Gilbert Fellows

Class of 2023

Akea Brionne (MFA Photography 2023)

Kevin Cendejas (MArch Architecture 2023)

Delia Touché (MFA Print Media 2023)

Walker Walls-Tarver (MFA Painting 2023)

George Perez (MFA Photography 2023)

Christopher Salas (MFA Ceramics 2023)

Dalila Sanabria (Sculpture 2023)

Jae Song (MFA 4D Design 2023)

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